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Maker Vases & Vessels

Made to order vases & vessels from our makers.
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New Moon Tunnel Vessel 2New Moon Tunnel Vessel 2
New Moon Tunnel Vessel 3
Full Moon Bowl - SmallFull Moon Bowl - Small
Full Moon Bowl - LargeFull Moon Bowl - Large
Full Moon Footed Bowl - SmallFull Moon Footed Bowl - Small
Full Moon Footed Bowl - Large
Full Moon Tunnel Vessel 2Full Moon Tunnel Vessel 2
Full Moon Tunnel Vessel 3Full Moon Tunnel Vessel 3
#3975 Brass Vase#3975 Brass Vase
Carl Auböck
#3975 Brass Vase Sale price$704.00
#3974 Brass Vase#3974 Brass Vase
Carl Auböck
#3974 Brass Vase Sale price$704.00
#3794-2 'Aorta' Vase - Brass Patina#3794-2 'Aorta' Vase - Brass Patina
#7231 Vase - Brass Patina#7231 Vase - Brass Patina
BOS VaseBOS Vase
RAY Bowl
RIPPLE Fruit Bowl
Hero Open VesselHero Open Vessel
Echo.3 VesselEcho.3 Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Echo.3 Vessel Sale price$1,750.00
Scribe Helios Vessel
Rhea VesselRhea Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Rhea Vessel Sale priceFrom $800.00
Scribe Cylinder Vase
Scribe BowlScribe Bowl
Heather Rosenman
Scribe Bowl Sale price$700.00
Minotaur.2 VesselMinotaur.2 Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Minotaur.2 Vessel Sale priceFrom $950.00
Gaea VesselGaea Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Gaea Vessel Sale priceFrom $900.00
Scribe Bottle Vessel
Helios VesselHelios Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Helios Vessel Sale priceFrom $800.00
Naiad VesselNaiad Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Naiad Vessel Sale price$900.00
Artemis VesselArtemis Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Artemis Vessel Sale price$1,200.00
Leto Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Leto Vessel Sale priceFrom $900.00
Hera VesselHera Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Hera Vessel Sale priceFrom $850.00
Hero VesselHero Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Hero Vessel Sale priceFrom $990.00
Astris VesselAstris Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Astris Vessel Sale priceFrom $900.00
Scribe Diamond VesselScribe Diamond Vessel
Amphora VesselAmphora Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Amphora Vessel Sale priceFrom $800.00
Chimera VesselChimera Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Chimera Vessel Sale price$800.00
Theia VesselTheia Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Theia Vessel Sale price$1,100.00
Scribe Sphere Vessel
Scribe Pedestal BowlScribe Pedestal Bowl
Scribe Large Egg
Naiad Vessel - Lava
Scribe Ovate Vessel
Scribe Low Ovate Vessel
Scribe Flask VesselScribe Flask Vessel
Minotaur.3 VesselMinotaur.3 Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Minotaur.3 Vessel Sale price$1,400.00
Echo VesselEcho Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Echo Vessel Sale priceFrom $875.00
Scribe Double Wall FormScribe Double Wall Form
Amphora Vessel - LavaAmphora Vessel - Lava
Heather Rosenman
Amphora Vessel - Lava Sale priceFrom $800.00
Artemis Vessel - LavaArtemis Vessel - Lava
Astris Vessel - LavaAstris Vessel - Lava
Heather Rosenman
Astris Vessel - Lava Sale priceFrom $900.00