Heather Rosenman

Chimera Theia Vase with Spikes


Part of the Chimera Series, born from the remnants of the Leto vessels. 

These forms occupy a space that is somewhere between man and vessel, between object and user.  These collections merge human forms with forms made by a human, as if they are inseparable. Handmade by Heather Rosenman in Los Angeles, CA.

Available in matte white, black stoneware, luna lava, desert lava, and terra lava.

This product is made to order. Production Lead Time: Approximately 12 - 14 Weeks. Lead time subject to change. 

Product Details

Heather Rosenman creates ceramic vessels and sculptures rich in form and texture. A New York native, currently based in Los Angeles, she studied at The Cooper Union and The Basel School of Design in Switzerland. Her collections are informed by a deep appreciation of ceramics, modern art and the history of design.

Heather Rosenman designs emphasize minimalism by simplifying forms to their organic essence, featuring graphic surfaces and lava glaze developed through experimentation. Heather draws inspiration from ancient forms, industrial design, and the mid-century modern movement.

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