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Heather Rosenman

Heather Rosenman creates ceramic vessels and sculptures rich in form and texture. A New York native, currently based in Los Angeles, she studied at The Cooper Union and The Basel School of Design in Switzerland. Her collections are informed by a deep appreciation of ceramics, modern art and the history of design. 

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Scribe Bottle Vessel
Scribe Pedestal BowlScribe Pedestal Bowl
Scribe Diamond VesselScribe Diamond Vessel
Scribe Sphere Vessel
Scribe Cylinder Vase
Scribe Helios Vessel
Scribe Canoe
Heather Rosenman
Scribe Canoe Sale price$500.00
Scribe AshtrayScribe Ashtray
Heather Rosenman
Scribe Ashtray Sale price$400.00
Scribe BowlScribe Bowl
Heather Rosenman
Scribe Bowl Sale price$700.00
Scribe Bowl PlatterScribe Bowl Platter
Scribe Large Egg
Scribe Ovate Vessel
Scribe Low Ovate Vessel
Scribe Flask VesselScribe Flask Vessel
Scribe Double Wall FormScribe Double Wall Form
Chimera VesselChimera Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Chimera Vessel Sale price$800.00
Theia VesselTheia Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Theia Vessel Sale price$1,100.00
Leto Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Leto Vessel Sale priceFrom $900.00
Amphora Vessel - LavaAmphora Vessel - Lava
Heather Rosenman
Amphora Vessel - Lava Sale priceFrom $800.00
Amphora VesselAmphora Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Amphora Vessel Sale priceFrom $800.00
Artemis Vessel - LavaArtemis Vessel - Lava
Artemis VesselArtemis Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Artemis Vessel Sale price$1,200.00
Echo VesselEcho Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Echo Vessel Sale priceFrom $875.00
Chimera Vessel - Lava
Astris VesselAstris Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Astris Vessel Sale priceFrom $900.00
Astris Vessel - LavaAstris Vessel - Lava
Heather Rosenman
Astris Vessel - Lava Sale priceFrom $900.00
Gaea VesselGaea Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Gaea Vessel Sale priceFrom $900.00
Helios VesselHelios Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Helios Vessel Sale priceFrom $800.00
Hera Vessel - LavaHera Vessel - Lava
Heather Rosenman
Hera Vessel - Lava Sale priceFrom $850.00
Hera VesselHera Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Hera Vessel Sale priceFrom $850.00
Hero VesselHero Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Hero Vessel Sale priceFrom $990.00
Minotaur.2 VesselMinotaur.2 Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Minotaur.2 Vessel Sale priceFrom $950.00
Naiad VesselNaiad Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Naiad Vessel Sale price$900.00
Hero Open VesselHero Open Vessel
Rhea VesselRhea Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Rhea Vessel Sale priceFrom $800.00
Minotaur.3 VesselMinotaur.3 Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Minotaur.3 Vessel Sale price$1,400.00
Echo Vessel - Lava
Heather Rosenman
Echo Vessel - Lava Sale priceFrom $875.00
Gaea Vessel - Lava
Heather Rosenman
Gaea Vessel - Lava Sale priceFrom $900.00
Helios Vessel - Lava
Heather Rosenman
Helios Vessel - Lava Sale priceFrom $800.00
Hero Open Vessel - LavaHero Open Vessel - Lava
Echo.3 VesselEcho.3 Vessel
Heather Rosenman
Echo.3 Vessel Sale price$1,750.00
Hero Vessel - LavaHero Vessel - Lava
Heather Rosenman
Hero Vessel - Lava Sale priceFrom $990.00
Leto Vessel - Lava
Heather Rosenman
Leto Vessel - Lava Sale priceFrom $900.00
Minotaur.2 Vessel - LavaMinotaur.2 Vessel - Lava
Minotaur.3 Vessel - Lava
Rhea Vessel - LavaRhea Vessel - Lava
Heather Rosenman
Rhea Vessel - Lava Sale priceFrom $800.00
Theia Vessel - Lava
Naiad Vessel - Lava