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Made to order vases & vessels from our makers.
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Chimera Vessel - Lava
Echo Vessel - Lava
Heather Rosenman
Echo Vessel - Lava Sale priceFrom $875.00
Gaea Vessel - Lava
Heather Rosenman
Gaea Vessel - Lava Sale priceFrom $900.00
Helios Vessel - Lava
Heather Rosenman
Helios Vessel - Lava Sale priceFrom $800.00
Hera Vessel - LavaHera Vessel - Lava
Heather Rosenman
Hera Vessel - Lava Sale priceFrom $850.00
Hero Open Vessel - LavaHero Open Vessel - Lava
Hero Vessel - LavaHero Vessel - Lava
Heather Rosenman
Hero Vessel - Lava Sale priceFrom $990.00
Leto Vessel - Lava
Heather Rosenman
Leto Vessel - Lava Sale priceFrom $900.00
Minotaur.2 Vessel - LavaMinotaur.2 Vessel - Lava
Minotaur.3 Vessel - Lava
Rhea Vessel - LavaRhea Vessel - Lava
Heather Rosenman
Rhea Vessel - Lava Sale priceFrom $800.00
Theia Vessel - Lava
Scribe Bowl PlatterScribe Bowl Platter
Scribe Canoe
Heather Rosenman
Scribe Canoe Sale price$500.00
Angelo DishAngelo Dish
Magnolia Ceramics
Angelo Dish Sale price$800.00
Deep Estate BowlDeep Estate Bowl
Magnolia Ceramics
Deep Estate Bowl Sale price$1,250.00
Angelo PlatterAngelo Platter
Magnolia Ceramics
Angelo Platter Sale price$1,200.00
Ettore BowlEttore Bowl
Magnolia Ceramics
Ettore Bowl Sale price$1,600.00
Estate BowlEstate Bowl
Magnolia Ceramics
Estate Bowl Sale price$1,450.00
Angelo VaseAngelo Vase
Magnolia Ceramics
Angelo Vase Sale price$1,150.00
Cone Neck Barrel VaseCone Neck Barrel Vase
Half Sphere Vase
Cone Neck Sphere VaseCone Neck Sphere Vase
Cylinder VaseCylinder Vase
Magnolia Ceramics
Cylinder Vase Sale price$900.00
Erlenmeyer VaseErlenmeyer Vase
Magnolia Ceramics
Erlenmeyer Vase Sale price$1,700.00
Coned Necked VaseConed Necked Vase
Angelo Vase with LidAngelo Vase with Lid
Long Funnel Necked Ovoid VaseLong Funnel Necked Ovoid Vase
Lipped VaseLipped Vase
Magnolia Ceramics
Lipped Vase Sale price$1,350.00
Lipped Cordate VaseLipped Cordate Vase
Platter - 21"Platter - 21"
Magnolia Ceramics
Platter - 21" Sale price$1,100.00
Right Angle Shallow BowlRight Angle Shallow Bowl
Platter - 15"Platter - 15"
Magnolia Ceramics
Platter - 15" Sale price$700.00
Tall Ring BowlTall Ring Bowl
Magnolia Ceramics
Tall Ring Bowl Sale price$1,300.00
Low Deep Footed BowlLow Deep Footed Bowl
Low Pointer BowlLow Pointer Bowl
Magnolia Ceramics
Low Pointer Bowl Sale price$1,600.00
Tall Pointer BowlTall Pointer Bowl
Low Ring BowlLow Ring Bowl
Magnolia Ceramics
Low Ring Bowl Sale price$1,100.00
Lucie VaseLucie Vase
Magnolia Ceramics
Lucie Vase Sale price$1,100.00
Vessel No. VIVessel No. VI
Devin Wilde
Vessel No. VI Sale price$1,750.00