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Maker Vases & Vessels

Made to order vases & vessels from our makers.
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Vessel No. IIIVessel No. III
Devin Wilde
Vessel No. III Sale price$1,850.00
Vessel No. IIVessel No. II
Devin Wilde
Vessel No. II Sale price$1,550.00
Vessel No. VVessel No. V
Devin Wilde
Vessel No. V Sale priceFrom $1,950.00
Vessel No. IVVessel No. IV
Devin Wilde
Vessel No. IV Sale price$1,650.00
Vessel No. VIIVessel No. VII
Devin Wilde
Vessel No. VII Sale price$2,150.00
Vessel No. IVessel No. I
Devin Wilde
Vessel No. I Sale price$1,150.00
Dune Vessel 02Dune Vessel 02
Dune Vessel 02 Sale priceFrom $290.00
Dune Vessel 01Dune Vessel 01
Dune Vessel 01 Sale priceFrom $290.00
Dune Vessel 03Dune Vessel 03
Dune Vessel 03 Sale priceFrom $460.00
Dune Vessel 04Dune Vessel 04
Dune Vessel 04 Sale priceFrom $460.00
Antonia VesselAntonia Vessel
Danny Kaplan
Antonia Vessel Sale price$1,650.00
Linus VesselLinus Vessel
Danny Kaplan
Linus Vessel Sale price$1,850.00
Olpe VesselOlpe Vessel
Danny Kaplan
Olpe Vessel Sale priceFrom $600.00
Medium VesselMedium Vessel
Danny Kaplan
Medium Vessel Sale price$950.00
Small VesselSmall Vessel
Danny Kaplan
Small Vessel Sale price$650.00
Low Footed BowlLow Footed Bowl
Danny Kaplan
Low Footed Bowl Sale priceFrom $415.00
Tall Footed BowlTall Footed Bowl
Danny Kaplan
Tall Footed Bowl Sale priceFrom $440.00
Serve BowlServe Bowl
Danny Kaplan
Serve Bowl Sale priceFrom $340.00
Ceramic Vessel #1Ceramic Vessel #1
Danny Kaplan
Ceramic Vessel #1 Sale price$1,800.00
Ceramic Vessel #2Ceramic Vessel #2
Danny Kaplan
Ceramic Vessel #2 Sale price$2,000.00
Blue Desert Sunset Planter - TallBlue Desert Sunset Planter - Tall
Black Block Planter - Tall
Blue Desert Sunset Planter - Low
Black Block Planter - Low
Medium Poseidon BowlMedium Poseidon Bowl
Small Poseidon BowlSmall Poseidon Bowl
Clover Ball VaseClover Ball Vase
Clover Ball Vase Sale price$455.00
Short Scallop VaseShort Scallop Vase
Short Scallop Vase Sale price$469.00
Jumbo Diamond VaseJumbo Diamond Vase
Jumbo Diamond Vase Sale price$539.00
Wiggle VaseWiggle Vase
Wiggle Vase Sale price$605.00
Circle Top Small 3Circle Top Small 3
Circle Top Small 3 Sale price$369.00
Tall Scallop VaseTall Scallop Vase
Tall Scallop Vase Sale price$598.00
XL Hex PlanterXL Hex Planter
XL Hex Planter Sale price$1,795.00
Large Scallop PlanterLarge Scallop Planter
Large Scallop Planter Sale price$1,420.00
Circle Top Large 6Circle Top Large 6
Circle Top Large 6 Sale price$425.00
Bowl Bottom VaseBowl Bottom Vase
Bowl Bottom Vase Sale price$429.00
Tube Wide SaucerTube Wide Saucer
Tube Wide Saucer Sale price$429.00
Tall Saucer VaseTall Saucer Vase
Tall Saucer Vase Sale price$429.00
Tube Small Oval VaseTube Small Oval Vase
Tube Small Oval Vase Sale price$369.00
Large Diamond VaseLarge Diamond Vase
Large Diamond Vase Sale price$380.00
Oval Scallop VaseOval Scallop Vase
Oval Scallop Vase Sale price$469.00
Double Tier Cloud PlanterDouble Tier Cloud Planter
Double Tier Cloud Planter Sale price$4,095.00
Twisted Castle PlanterTwisted Castle Planter
Twisted Castle Planter Sale price$3,590.00
XXL Hex PlanterXXL Hex Planter
XXL Hex Planter Sale price$3,795.00
New Moon Bowl - SmallNew Moon Bowl - Small
New Moon Bowl - LargeNew Moon Bowl - Large
New Moon Footed Bowl 1New Moon Footed Bowl 1
New Moon Footed Bowl 2New Moon Footed Bowl 2