Tera Lamp


The Tera Lamp is a staple in the Ceramicah collection. Each Tera Lamp is made of a wheel thrown ceramic shade and ceramic base, brass hardware, dimming switch, and LED light bulbs.

This product is made to order. Production Lead Time: Approximately 10 - 12 Weeks. Lead time subject to change. 

Product Details
Ceramicah is a ceramics studio located in Los Angeles, CA, producing wheel thrown ceramic vessels and lighting by Micah Blyckert. Micah's background as an architect continues to influence his deep curiosity for how things work, attention to detail, and love for design. Having planted roots in Los Angeles in recent years, California’s desert palette has proved to be a new source of inspiration to Ceramicah’s latest Collections, centered around organic forms and textures. Together, these values have led him to focus on materiality and precision, while continually iterating to create unique, yet, familiar design.

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