De JONG & Co.

Mandelbrot Credenza


The Mandelbrot Credenza was the first of the Mandelbrot line from De JONG & Co. This impressive case piece features the iconic bevels which conjoin in each corner to a distinctive, solitary point. The Mandelbrot Credenza reflects a contemporary and minimal aesthetic.

The sharp, clean lines are soft to the touch as the bevels fall back into the piece. The casework, drawer boxes and shelves are constructed from solid, sustainably-sourced American hardwoods. The minimal brass pulls are made by hand in the downtown Los Angeles workshop by trained craftsman. The door and drawer fronts feature a custom finish that can be easily cleaned without compromising the depth of sheen; a durable, VOC-Compliant two-part Italian sealer similar in depth and durability to an automotive finish yet tailored for the home. 

Product Details

De JONG & Co. is the passion of five siblings working in the arts. They design with color and space. They capture light and moments. They create sound experience. They combine flavors. They strive to live and work at the intersection of art and function.

De JONG & Co. operates in the space where objects are simple and beautiful. Where the things around us add to our community. Where life welcomes art with neither sacrifice nor compromise.

There is a certain personality to style that lasts; friendly, comfortable, known. The goods we own, the goods that make our life function, should be measured against a simple utility and an understandable beauty, seeking a harmony of both that leads to timelessness.

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