Atlantic 4" Pull


The Atlantic Hardware Collection from O&G takes cues from the delicate detailing of O&G's iconic Windsor chairs. The Atlantic Line is offered in a full range of sizes from the diminutive Round Knob to the 14" long Drawer and Cabinet Pull. Offered in live Hand Polished and Tumbled Brass finishes that patina and mellow with use to create a beautiful and elemental look. 

Product Details

O&G Studio makes furniture that defies time and tradition, including the most extensive and evocative line of Windsor chairs on the market. With a commitment to honor and build upon American design traditions, they look to the past for inspiration and reinvent the classics for contemporary living.

Founded by Sara Ossana and Jonathan Glatt, two friends who met as graduate students at RISD, O&G has been designing and producing modern heirloom pieces in Rhode Island for nearly a decade. The studio celebrates the rich history of furniture making in New England and continues the legacy, while creating work that is new, surprising and uniquely its own. With a strong foundation in craft and quality, O&G takes cues from early-American design and reinterprets these traditional motifs through a modern lens.

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