Products – Lawson Fenning
The LF Collection, designed and handmade in Los Angeles, California

“Cats and Dogs,” Print for Exhibition a

“Homage to the Monks of Saigon”

“Natura Statica” Abstract Painting

“Stripes on Black”

11th Dimension Platter

22″ Square Pillow

3 Column Fig Lamp

4 Column Drop Lamp

Abstract Embossed Monoprint #34

Abstract Oil on Canvas

Abstract Oil on Canvas

Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting on Canvas #15

Abstract Yellow Monoprint #18

Albini Ottoman

Antigua Pillow in Black/White

Antigua Pillow in Jade

Antigua Pillow in Pink

Antigua Pillow in Yellow/Pink

Bella Cherrywood Candleholder

Bella Maplewood Candleholder

Black Bowl Lifted on Teal

Black Cake Stand

Black Leather Armchair

Bowl Bottom Cinnamon Vase

Brass and Marble Coffee Table

Brass Inlaid Coffee Table

Burnt Orange Billie Baby Alpaca Pillow

Ceramic Water Pitcher in Dark Stone

Charlottenborg Chair

Charlottenborg Chair

Column Fig Lamp

Cork and Mahogany Side Table

Cozumel Molcajete

Cream Grid Napkin Set of 4

Danish Leather Club Chair

Dibbet Stool

Early Dunbar Metal Label Cabinet

Foldable Coffee Table c1970s

Forest Green Billie Baby Alpaca Blanket

Fox Chair

Fringed Pillow

Fruit Bowl in Blue Glaze

Fruit Bowl in Speckled Glaze

Grey Cake Stand

Headboard Cushion

Indigo Grid Napkin Set of 4

Italian Bookcase

Italian Walnut Cupboard

Jailbird Platter

JUMBO Diamond Vicki Teal Vase

Laberinto Grey Rug

Lago Indigo Rug

LARGE Diamond Vicki Teal Vase

Large Feather in Bronze

Large Hand Keychain

Large Nub Bowl

Leather Sofa

LF x BZippy Collabs in Clay Side Table

LF x John Sheppard Collabs in Clay Side Table

LF x MQuan Collabs in Clay Side Table

LF x Mt. Washington Pottery Collabs in Clay Side Table

LF x Victoria Morris Collabs in Clay Side Table

Lodge Chandelier Three

Lodge Chandelier Two

Lodge Sconce

Lotus Chair

Lotus Chair

Mahogany Desk Model 4155

Marfa Platter

Mayapan Plate

Medium Legacy Bowl

Medium Triump Bowl

Mini Throwbed

Mini Triumph

Mini-Orb Lamp in Brown Glaze

Monet Footstool

Monoprint #41


Multi Scandi Lamp

Objecto #1 Rug

Objecto #2 Rug

Oil on Board

Ope Side Table

Open Hero Vase in White Glaze

Opihi Shell Bottle Opener

Pair of “The Chair”

Pair of Italian Armchairs

Pair of Italian Leather Chairs

Pair of Leather Lounge Chairs

Pair of Leather Wrapped Mahogany Cocktail Tables

Pair of Slipper Chairs

Pair of Vintage Finnish Pine Stools

Pair of Vintage Italian Lounge Chairs

Pair of Walnut Chairs

Panalito Placemat Cream

Panalito Placemat Indigo

Panalito Placemat Peach

Pastel on Paper

Pastel on Paper

Peach Grid Napkin Set of 4

Plato Tanok

Pottery Table

Rayo Indigo Rug

Ridge Coaster

Ridge Pinch Bowl

Ridge Pitcher

Robot Cinnamon Vase

Robot Teal Vase

Screen Print from “Formulation: Articulation Portfolio II”

Set of 6 Italian Teak Dining Chairs

Set of Six Oak Dining Chairs

Shaka Bottle Opener

Shapes Runner

Shapes Runner Pink

Sheaf of Wheat Marble Coffee Table

Short Cinnamon Robot Vase

Short Teal Robot Vase

Silkscreen Print

Silkscreen Print from Formulation Articulation

Silkscreen Print from Formulation Articulation

Single Danish Oak Lounge Chair

Skin Armchair

Small Nub Bowl

Small Vintage Burl Wood Lamp

Soft Grey Billie Baby Alpaca Pillow

Solid Rosewood Cocktail Table

Speckled Carved Stripe Mug

Speckled Creamer Bowl

Speckled Diamond Stripe Mug

Speckled Flat Stripe Mug

Speckled Sugar Bowl

Splatter Painting

Split Mat

Steps Mat

Studio Dining Table

Tall Ridge Cup

Tall Saucer Vicki Teal Vase

Taupe Billie Baby Alpaca Blanket

Tepetl Container




Tula Set

Turquoise Cake Stand

Velvet Ottoman

Vintage Burl Wood Lamp

Vintage California Craft Pendant Light

Vintage Lacquered Cabinet

Vintage Spanish Colonial Style Mirror

Walnut Credenza

Walnut Nightstand

White Bowl Lifted on Teal

White Cake Stand

Wide Sauce Vicki Cinnamon Vase

Wide Saucer Vicki Teal Vase

Zapotec Flat Weave Chevron Rug

Zapotec Flat Weave Rug in Black/White

Zapotec Flat Weave Rug in Grey/White

Zapotec Flat Weave Rug in Pink/White

Zapotec Flat Weave Striped Rug

ZN #1 Rug

Atlantic 14″ Pull

Atlantic 10″ Pull

Atlantic 8″ Pull

Atlantic 6″ Pull

Atlantic 5″ Pull

Atlantic 4″ Pull

Gorgo Incense Cones

Lone Incense Cones

Mars Incense Cones

Muru Incense Cones

Ploom Incense Cones

Shapes Throw

Tilde Incense Cones

2-Door Platform Cabinet

2-Drawer Arcadia Chest

Arcadia Side Table

2-Drawer Platform Chest

3-Door Bronson Cabinet

4-Door Bronson Cabinet

4-Drawer Arcadia Chest

6-Globe Chandelier

XL 6-Globe Chandelier

Accord Blanket

Alder Tumbler

Alta Brass Dome

Arcadia Cabinet

Architecture Throw

Atlantic Ball Pull

Atlantic Knob

Atlantic T-Pull

Balboa Cabinet

Ben Lamp

Blue Marfa Mug

Blue Mug

Bookends in Bronze

BOS Vase

Box Chair

Box in Bleached Maple

Brass Cheese Knives

Brass Ink Well

Brass Palisades Console

Brass Salad Servers

Brian Paquette for LF Aquidneck Nightstand

Brian Paquette for LF Eppes Side Table

Brian Paquette for LF George Bench

Brian Paquette for LF George Chair

Brian Paquette for LF Shoreland Chair

Brian Paquette for LF George Sofa

Brian Paquette for LF Mercer Coffee Table

Brian Paquette for LF Rainier Dining Table

Bronson Coffee Table

Bronson Coffee Table – Round

Bronson Drinks Table

Bronson Side Table

Candleholder in Black

Candleholder in Jade

Candleholder in Snow

Candleholder in Turquoise

Isherwood Bed

Isherwood Headboard

Caned Bed

Caned Headboard

Capitola Table

Sur Table

Carthay Chair

Cast Bronze Vase

Ceramic Water Pitcher

Chiselhurst Bed

Chiselhurst Headboard

Coffee Mug

Conkal Pot

Cooper Lamp

Counterbalance Chandelier

Cruz Dining Chair

Cruz Dining Table

Cube Mirror

Curved Back Sectional

Curved Back Sofa

Ojai Cabinet

Curved Back Swivel Chair

Cylinder Mirror

Diamond Bar

Dillon Chair

Dillon Ottoman

Double Cone Sconce

Douglas Sofa

Dutch Daybed

Edmund Bed

El Monte Lamp

El Prado Wool Rug

Elysian Barstool

Erickson Pitcher

Extra-Large Lucia Bowl

Formas I Pillow

Formas II Pillow

Formas Shag Pillow

Forster Sofa

Franklin Sofa

Gold Stripe Throw

Griffin Chair

Griffin Console

Griffin Sofa

GVB Berry Washer


GVB Pitcher

Hannah Pillow

Hexagon Perforated Sconce

High Falls Blanket

Highland Wingback Chair

Holly Lamp

Holly Lamp Dark

Huxley Side Table

Huxley Sofa

Huxley Swivel Chair

Idyllwild Candle

Idyllwild Mirror

Indigo Grid Pillow

Inverness Media Cabinet

Inverness Nightstand

Isherwood Chair

Isherwood Sectional

Isherwood Sofa

Ivanhoe Desk

Jailbird Mug

Lancaster Lamp

Lands Rug

Landscape Loop Cushion

Large Designer Bowl

Large Lucia Bowl

Large Procida Pink Rectangle Blanket by Caroline Z Hurley

Large Tray in Bleached Maple

Large Two-Tone Basin

Large Two-Tone Bowl

Maker’s Book Rack

Maker’s Bookcase

Maker’s Console

Maker’s Lounge Chair

Maker’s Pin Board