The LF Collection, designed and handmade in Los Angeles, California

13″ Lipped Ovoid Vase in Pitch

15″ Angelo Vase in Pitch

15″ Designer Bowl

16″ Erlenmeyer Vase in Frost

16″ Erlenmeyer Vase in Frost

17″ Erlenmeyer Vase in Frost

2-Drawer Arcadia Chest

2-Globe Short Lamp

2-Globe Table Lamp

3-Door Bronson Cabinet

3-Globe Table Lamp

4-Door Bronson Cabinet

4-Drawer Arcadia Chest

6-Globe Chandelier

Alder Tumbler

Alta Brass Dome

Angelo Vase in Pitch

Angelo Vase in Pitch Combo by Magnolia Ceramics

Angelo Vase in Snow by Magnolia Ceramics

Antigua Pillow

Antigua Pillow Black

Apothecary Matchsticks

Aquidneck Nightstand

Arcadia Cabinet

Artemis Vase

Ashtray in Pale Pink Glaze

Balboa Cabinet

Ben Lamp

Big Sur Candle

Birch Bronze Striped Lamp

Black & Brass Pebble Bookends

Black and Brass Bookend

Black and Brass Tri-Point Bookends

Black Lines Kilim Cushion

Black Striped Lamp

Black Triangles Kilim Cushion

Blackened Brass Hook

Blackened Brass Triangle Dish

Blue Carved Mug

Blue Mug

Blue Pin Stripe Lamp

Blue Striped Berry Washer

Blue Striped Mug

Blue Striped Pitcher

Blue Vase


Box Chair

Brass Anchor Key Ring

Brass and Leather Magazine Holder

Brass and Leather Trays

Brass and Marble Towel Holder

Brass Boomerang Bookends

Brass Bottle Vase

Brass Bowls

Brass Chain Paperweight

Brass Cheese Knives

Brass Cup

Brass Foot Key Ring

Brass Funnel Vase

Brass Hand Wine Stopper

Brass Hex Bottle Opener

Brass Hole Bookend

Brass Ink Series

Brass Oval Bookends

Brass Palisades Console

Brass Peanut Key Ring

Brass Ring Wine Stopper

Brass Salad Servers

Brass Semicircle Stand

Brass Teardrop Dish

Brass Tray

Brass Triangle Bookends

Brass Triangle Dish

Brass Triangle Stand

Brass Tuning Fork Key Ring

Brass Votive Trio

Bronson Coffee Table

Bronson Drinks Table

Bronson Side Table

Bronze Tray

Bronze Tray

Brown Mortar and Pestle

Brown Mortar and Pestle

Caned Bed

Carthay Chair

Carved Bowl in Brown Glaze

Carved Lamp in Blue Glaze

Carved Stripe Lamp in White Glaze

Ceramic Chain Link (2)

Ceramic Chain-link (3)

Ceramic Water Pitcher

Chiselhurst Bed

Circle Votive

Circle Votive

Classic Black Lamp

Coffee Mug

Collapsible Seagrass Basket

Cordate Vase in Indiogo Combo

Counterbalance Chandelier

Cruz Dining Chair

Cruz Dining Table

Cube Mirror

Cup Top Bottle Vase in Snow

Curved Back Sectional

Curved Back Sofa

Curved Back Swivel Chair

Cylinder Mirror

Demilune Cutout Bookends

Diamond Bar

Dillon Chair

Dillon Ottoman

Double Cone Sconce

Douglas Sofa

Dulce Rug in Blue by Que Onda Vos

Dulce Rug in Bordeaux

Dutch Daybed

Edmund Bed

El Monte Lamp

El Prado Wool Rug

Elysian Barstool

Enoki Bowl

Eppes Side Table

Erlenmeyer Vase in Pitch by Magnolia Ceramics

Extra Small Ceramic Eclipse Rock

Faceted Wooden Cheese Knives

Firefly Eye Drums

Fluted Bowl

Footed Planter

Forster Sofa

Franklin Sofa

Gaia Vase in Black Stoneware

George Bench

George Chair

George Sofa

Ginger Vase in Pitch

Gold Banded Agate Coaster

Grey Circle Votive

Grey Striped Votive

Griffin Chair

Griffin Console

Griffin Sofa

Helios Vase in Black Stoneware

Helios Vase with Handles in White Glaze

Hera Vase in White Glaze

Hexagon Perforated Sconce

Hexagonal Vase

Highland Wingback Chair

Hinge Lidded Box (Black or White)

Holly Lamp

Holly Lamp 2

Horn Inlay Tape Measure

Huxley Side Table

Huxley Sofa

Huxley Swivel Chairs

Idyllwild Candle

Idyllwild Mirror

Incense Pyres by Blackbird

Indigo Striped Votive

Inverness Media Cabinet

Inverness Nightstand

Isherwood Bed

Isherwood Chair

Isherwood Sofa

Ivanhoe Desk

Lamp in Yellow Glaze

Lancaster Lamp

Large Angelo Bowl in Pitch

Large Boule Vase

Large Brass Bowl

Large Brass Foot

Large Ceramic Cup

Large Hat Hook

Large Hat Hook in Black

Large Procida Pink Rectangle Blanket by Caroline Z Hurley

Large Rectangular Hook

Large Rectangular Hook in Black

Large Terra-Cotta and Turquoise Bowl

Large Two-Tone Basin

Large Two-Tone Bowl

Leto Vase

Lidded Incense Box

Lidded Vessel 1

Lidded Vessel 2

Lipped Narrow Necked Bottle in Pitch by Magnolia Ceramics

Long Rounded Hook

Los Labios Rug by Que Onda Vos

Los Montanas Rug by Que Onda Vos

Los Ojos Rug by Que Onda Vos

Maker’s Book Rack

Maker’s Pin Board

Maker’s Bookcase

Marble Bowl Large

Marble Flower Pot

Marble Tray

Marigold Sun Bowl

Maurice Sofa

Maximo Chandelier

Medium Blue Dipped Bowl

Medium Blue Striped Bowl

Medium Ceramic Cup

Mercer Coffee Table

Mesa Table

Mini Orb Lamp in Black + White Glaze

Mini Orb Lamp in White Glaze

Minotaur Vase in Black Stoneware

Momo Rug by Que Onda Vos

Monhegan Candle

Montebello Sofa

Montrose Chair

Montrose Coffee Table

Montrose Console Table

Montrose Daybed

Montrose Dining Table

Montrose Sofa

Moon Phase Votive by MQuan

Moreno Chair

Moreno Ottoman

Moreno Sofa

Morro Dining Chair

Morro Table

Multi-color Striped Votive

Naiad Vase with Foot in White Glaze

Narrow Console

Nattlight Candlesticks

Necked Sphere Vase in Turquoise by Magnolia Ceramics

Nesting Pinch Bowls

Niguel Cabinet

Niguel Console

Niguel Credenza

Niguel Desk

Niguel Dresser

Niguel Nightstand

Normandie Cocktail Table

Normandie Side Table

Ojai Candle

Ojai Desk

Ojai Lounge Chair

Ojai Sofa

Open Hero Vase in Black Stoneware

Oresund Candle by Norden

Orsini Barstool

Orsini Ottoman

Oval Tray (Black or White)

Pair of Bookends (Black or White)

Pair of Candle Holders

Palisades Console

Parker Alpaca Throw by Morrow Soft Goods

Parkman Console

Paul Lamp

Peacock Taper Candleholder in Black Marble

Peacock Taper Candleholder in White Marble

Peacock Votive Candleholder

Peacock Votive Holder in Black

Pebble Bookends

Petite Nesting Bowls

Pipa Lamp

Planes Brass and Bronze Bookend


Platform Cabinet

Platform Chest

Prospect Coffee Table

Prospect Table

Prospect Table with Stone

Pruckel Floor Lamp

Pruckel Sconce

Pyramid Mirror

Radial Coffee Table

Radial Side Table

Rainbow Bowl

Rainbow Eye Drums (Small or Large)

Rainbow Rocks by MQuan (Small or Large)

Rectangular Narrow Side Table

Rectangular Vase

Rectangular Vase

Rectangular Vessel

Redlands Table

Rialto Table

Rialto Table – Wide

Ring Mirror

Rolled Perforated Sconce

Round Box w/ Bronze Lid

Round Marble Trays

Scoop Perforated Sconce

Scribe Ashtray in White Glaze

Scribe Cylinder Vase

Scribe Egg Vase

Scribe Egg Vase in White Glaze

Scribe Footed Oval Bowl

Scribe Low Bowl in White Glaze

Scribe Low Vase

Scribe Round Vase

Scribe Wide Lipped Bowl in White Glaze

Set of 4 Marble Coasters

Set of Three Bowls in Black & White

Set of Three Bowls with Turquoise Rims

Shorty Lamp

Simi Mirror

Sin Fin Rug by Que Onda Vos

Small Baxter Lamp

Small Black & White Bowl