Products – Lawson Fenning
The LF Collection, designed and handmade in Los Angeles, California

Full Dining Bundle

Living Room Bundle

Simple Dining Bundle

Spring Kitchen Bundle

Tea Towel Bundle

Alpaca Boucle – Chantilly

La Jolla Lounge Chair

Alpaca Boucle – Chinchilla

Varenne Sidechair

Alpaca Boucle – Pepper

Varenne Armchair

Alpaca Boucle – Wattle

Tamarisk Chair

Alpaca Boucle – Yearling

Tamarisk Counterstool

Antiqued Brass

Tamarisk Barstool

Belgian Linen – Amber

Presidio Bench

Belgian Linen – Fog

Noyac Side Table

Belgian Linen – Granite

Ketchum Console

Belgian Linen – Matcha

Medina Drinks Table

Belgian Linen – Sand

Lombardy Nightstand Small

Lombardy Nightstand Large

Loma Coffee Table – Small

Loma Coffee Table – Large

Yosemite Table

Canyon Bed

Manila Mirror

Charlotte Pedestal

Edward Pedestal

Frank Pedestal

Karl Pedestal

Michael Pedestal

Wallace Pedestal

Black Angelo Bowl Large

Black Domino Lamp

Black Powder Coat

Blue Black Bottle Lamp

Blue Domino Lamp

Boiled Wool – Dark Grey

Boiled Wool – Grey White

Boiled Wool – Light Grey

Boiled Wool – Loden

Boiled Wool – Mushroom

Bomber Leather – Navy

Bomber Leather – Brown

Bomber Leather – Moss

Bomber Leather – Tan

Boucle Pillow in Cream

Boucle Pillow in Dark Grey

Boucle Pillow in Grey

Boucle Pillow in White

Brass Trays

Brushed Linen Blend – Charcoal

Brushed Linen Blend – Driftwood

Brushed Linen Blend – Forest

Brushed Linen Blend – Pebble

Brushed Linen Blend – Sesame

Buffalo Leather – Taupe

Buffalo Leather – Black

Buffalo Leather – Charcoal

Buffalo Leather – Chocolate

Butt Barstool

Cashmere – Antelope

Cashmere – Camel

Cashmere – Grey

Cashmere – Lavender

Cashmere – Sandy

Chimera Vase with Handles in White Glaze

Chubby Chair

Clover Ball Vase in Pink Ice

Cruz Barstool

Dallas Leather – Black

Dallas Leather – Cognac

Dallas Leather – Natural

Dallas Leather – Tan

Dark Blue Rubini Lamp

Dark Greywashed Oak

Dark Walnut

Diamond Vase in Grey Shino

Diamond Vase in Pam’s Blue

Ebonized Oak

Forest Tray in Blackened Brass

Forest Tray in Brass

Grey Rubini Lamp

Hive Lamp


LF Sample Kit

LF x MQuan Kora with Black Rings Side Table

LF x MQuan Marigold Sun Side Table

LF x MQuan Radiant Full Moon Side Table

LF x MQuan Rainbow Prism Side Table

Light Greywashed Oak

Light Walnut

LOB LOW TABLE (Narrow Version)

Luru Bookends

Matte Velvet – Camel

Matte Velvet – Sand

Matte Velvet – Slate

Matte Velvet – Smoke

Matte Velvet – Tarragon

Medium Vase in Rust Lava Glaze

Minotaur 2 Vase in White Glaze

Minotaur 3 Vase in White Glaze

Mohair – Antelope

Mohair – Latte

Mohair – Lunar

Mohair – Noche

Mohair – Reef

Natural Oak

Natural Walnut

Octavius Lamp

Oiled Oak

Pigmented Oak – White Dove

Pigmented Oak – Burnt Russet

Pigmented Oak – Cheating Heart

Pigmented Oak – Chelsea Gray

Pigmented Oak – Chocolate Brown Cerused Oak

Pigmented Oak – Duxbury Gray

Pigmented Oak – Hale Navy

Pigmented Oak – Monticello Rose

Pigmented Oak – Rocky Beach

Pigmented Oak – Salamander

Pigmented Oak – Spicy Mustard

Pigmented Oak – Summer Nights

Polished Brass

Polished Chrome

Poured Bottle Lamp in White

Poured Brown Bottle Lamp

Ripple Carafe Set

Satin Brass

Scribe Bottle Vase

Seneca Lamp

Serving Bowl

Small Bottle Vase in Blue Shino

Small Bottle Vase in Grey Shino

Small Bottle Vase in Pam’s Blue

Small Bottle Vase Lacy Mauve

Small Circle Top Vase in Green

Small Double Circle Top Vase in Green

Small Drippy Palladium Oval Vase

Small Egg Vase in Rust Lava Glaze

Small Sculpture

Smoked Oak

Soft Blue Classic Lamp

Speckled Linen Blend – Charcoal

Speckled Linen Blend – Lullaby

Speckled Linen Blend – Morel

Speckled Linen Blend – Puppy

Speckled Linen Blend – Whey

Step Stool

Studded Cup

Studded Serving Bowl – Deep

Studded Serving Bowl – Shallow

Studded Vase

Stump Side Table

Tall Drippy Palladium Stack

Tall Saucer Vase in Blue Shino

Tall Saucer Vase in Grey Shino

Tall Saucer Vase in Lacy Mauve

Tall Saucer Vase in Pam’s Blue

Tall Trippy Drippy Vase

Tan Rubini Lamp

Tea Light

Tephra Elevated Bowl

Textured Belgian Linen – Bronze

Textured Belgian Linen – Chambray

Textured Belgian Linen – Cobble

Textured Belgian Linen – Granite

Textured Belgian Linen – Smoke

Three Tier Vase in Black Stoneware

Triple Circle Top Vase in Green

Tweed – Cashmere

Tweed – Flannel

Tweed – Graphite

Tweed – Oatmeal

Tweed – Tweed

Velvet – Brandy

Velvet – Charcoal

Velvet – Clay

Velvet – Froth

Velvet – Wool

Vermont Leather – Beige

Vermont Leather – Gray

Vermont Leather – Honey

Vermont Leather – Olive

Vista Cushion

Wall Mirror – 22″

Wall Mirror – 37″

Wall Mirror – 52″

Washable Linen Blend – Cardamom

Washable Linen Blend – Chamois

Washable Linen Blend – Charcoal

Washable Linen Blend – Indigo

Washable Linen Blend – Lead

White Angelo Bowl Large

White Domino Lamp

White Oak Cerused

White Washed Oak

Wide Saucer Vase in Blue Shino

Wide Saucer Vase in Lacy Mauve

Wide Saucer Vase in Pam’s Blue

Wide Saucer Vase in Pink Ice

Cruz Dining Chair – Outdoor

Mad et Len Candles

Small Bottle Vase in Pink Ice

Rough Dining Table

White Striped Lamp

Vase in Lava Glaze

Fluted Bud Vase in Lava Glaze

Cylinder Vase in Lava Glaze

Egg Bud Vase in Lava Glaze

Chimera Vase in Lava Glaze

Scribe Bowl in Black Stoneware

Low Chimera Vase in Black Stoneware

Chimera Vase with Spikes in White Glaze

Chimera Vase with Spikes in Black Stoneware

Short Speckled Container with Triangle Top

Short Ebonized Container with Triangle Top

Grisaille Serving Fork

Grisaille Serving Spoon

Ebonized Serving Fork

Ebonized Spoon

Large Maple Cutting Board

Medium Maple Cutting Board

Small Maple Cutting Board

Ebonized Cutting Board Large

Ebonized Cutting Board Medium

Ebonized Cutting Board Small

LF x MINNA Blue Triangles Pillow

LF x MINNA Brown Triangles Pillow

Cicero Lamp

Tiberius Lamp

PLT3: White Discs

PLT3: Indigo Discs

Tara Chain Two

Tephra Serving Bowl

Tephra Bowl

Tephra Cup + Saucer

Tephra Incense Cellar

Tephra Hourglass Vase

Aquilia Lamp

Maxima Lamp

Tauria Lamp

Cassia Lamp

Claudius Lamp

Varinia Lamp

Albia Lamp

Harvest Moon Reversible Throw

Cali Reversible Throw in Ivory/Rucksack

Cali Reversible Throw in Flaming Lip/Rucksack

Peyote Reversible Throw in Rucksack/Black

Peyote Reversible Throw in Ivory/Black

Midnight Sun Reversible Throw

Rattlesnake Reversible Throw

Isolated n.12 Vase

Isolated n.11 Vase

Isolated n.9 Vase

Aryballo Vessel in Sand

Aryballo Vessel in Blue

Lekytho Vase in Blue

Isolated n.8 Vase

Isolated n.7 Vase

Isolated n.6 Vase

Isolated n.5 Vase

Lekytho Vase in Green

Lutróforo Vase in White

Oinochoe Pitcher in Green

Oinochoe Pitcher in Mother-of-pearl

Psycter Vase in Grey

Psycter Vase in Sand

Lekytho Vase in Sand

Lutróforo Vase in Sand

Isolated Blue n.1 Vase

Blue Lutróforo Vase

Blue Psycter Vase

Delia Throw

Pool Party Throw

Lee Throw

Dorothy Throw

Hancock Lamp in Rust with Natural Shade

Gio Lamp in Rust with Natural Linen Shade

Reflective Form Small

Absorptive Form Tall

Absorptive From Medium

Absorptive Form Small

Incense Holder

Moon Shag Pillow in White

Moon Shag Pillow in Black

Moon Shag Pillow in Gold

Hillside Pillow in Lilac

Barragan Pillow in Light Grey

Barragan Pillow in Peach

Egg Vase in Luna Lava Glaze

Egg Vessel in Coral Lava Vase