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Magnolia Ceramics

Artist Warner Walcott founded Magnolia Ceramics in 2009. The clean line and pureness of form that characterize his work is drawn from a love of post-war and mid-century Scandinavian, British, and French ceramics.

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Tall Ring BowlTall Ring Bowl
Magnolia Ceramics
Tall Ring Bowl Sale price$1,300.00
Low Pointer BowlLow Pointer Bowl
Magnolia Ceramics
Low Pointer Bowl Sale price$1,600.00
Tall Pointer BowlTall Pointer Bowl
Low Ring BowlLow Ring Bowl
Magnolia Ceramics
Low Ring Bowl Sale price$1,100.00
Deep Estate BowlDeep Estate Bowl
Magnolia Ceramics
Deep Estate Bowl Sale price$1,250.00
Low Deep Footed BowlLow Deep Footed Bowl
Estate BowlEstate Bowl
Magnolia Ceramics
Estate Bowl Sale price$1,450.00
Ettore BowlEttore Bowl
Magnolia Ceramics
Ettore Bowl Sale price$1,600.00
Spiral SculptureSpiral Sculpture
Magnolia Ceramics
Spiral Sculpture Sale price$1,800.00
Cylinder VaseCylinder Vase
Magnolia Ceramics
Cylinder Vase Sale price$900.00
Lucie VaseLucie Vase
Magnolia Ceramics
Lucie Vase Sale price$1,100.00
Long Funnel Necked Ovoid VaseLong Funnel Necked Ovoid Vase
Cone Neck Barrel VaseCone Neck Barrel Vase
Lipped Cordate VaseLipped Cordate Vase
Half Sphere VaseHalf Sphere Vase
Erlenmeyer VaseErlenmeyer Vase
Magnolia Ceramics
Erlenmeyer Vase Sale price$1,700.00
Cone Neck Sphere VaseCone Neck Sphere Vase
Lipped VaseLipped Vase
Magnolia Ceramics
Lipped Vase Sale price$1,350.00
Coned Necked VaseConed Necked Vase
Angelo VaseAngelo Vase
Magnolia Ceramics
Angelo Vase Sale price$1,150.00
Angelo Vase with LidAngelo Vase with Lid
Angelo DishAngelo Dish
Magnolia Ceramics
Angelo Dish Sale price$800.00
Angelo PlatterAngelo Platter
Magnolia Ceramics
Angelo Platter Sale price$1,200.00
Platter - 21"Platter - 21"
Magnolia Ceramics
Platter - 21" Sale price$1,100.00
Platter - 15"Platter - 15"
Magnolia Ceramics
Platter - 15" Sale price$700.00
Right Angle Shallow BowlRight Angle Shallow Bowl
Domino Lamp BedsideDomino Lamp Bedside
Hive Lamp BedsideHive Lamp Bedside
Domino Lamp EstateDomino Lamp Estate
Hive Lamp EstateHive Lamp Estate
Magnolia Ceramics
Hive Lamp Estate Sale price$3,850.00
Egg LampEgg Lamp
Magnolia Ceramics
Egg Lamp Sale price$2,000.00
Sake LampSake Lamp
Magnolia Ceramics
Sake Lamp Sale price$1,800.00
Thorn Table LampThorn Table Lamp
Magnolia Ceramics
Thorn Table Lamp Sale price$2,450.00
Pointer LampPointer Lamp
Magnolia Ceramics
Pointer Lamp Sale price$2,650.00