Brandywine Low Wide Shelf


The Brandywine Low Wide Shelf is freestanding unit with solid oak wooden shelves and powder coated steel framing. The shelves are all 12.5" deep making them perfect for the average size dinner plate or a hefty art book. The shelf has been updated so that it can be more easily assembled and taken apart to move it if necessary. This unit can be placed in the middle of a room as there is no true front or back, a plus if you would like to use this as a room divider in an office space. Each side has the same leather trim details. We supply 6 brass dividers so that you can store your favorite books upright and keep them organized.

Product Details

Based in the city of brotherly love… Philadelphia, PA, Lostine is an independent home furnishings company focused on creating a warm “American Modern” aesthetic.

Lostine’s collections are inspired by craftsmanship, utility and a desire to make and live with beautiful things.

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