22″ Square Pillow – Lawson Fenning
Handpicked by Lawson Fenning

Hedgehouse x LF

22″ Square Pillow


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Handpicked by Lawson Fenning
22"W x 22"D
100% cotton cover, inserts are a custom blend of down and feather
Los Angeles, CA


Hedgehouse x LF

Hedgehouse x LF

With the singular idea of inventing a portable and versatile mattress to use anywhere, Beata Henrichs Lieb began Hedgehouse in her Los Angeles garage in 2010. After much testing, tweaking and making sure every detail was perfect, our throwbed was born. Armed with this new great product and no clue how to get it out there, Beata hit the streets. Literally. After a few months at local craft fairs, Beata decided to try her hand at a trade show. The brand debuted at NY Now and took home best new product. The rest, as they say, is history. From that point, the business grew at a clip, picking up 100 wholesale accounts within a year. Beata realized she needed a partner to transition out of the garage and really give this thing a go. Who better than her best friend? Enter Jodi Lahaye, former MTV executive. Tired of the corporate rat race, Jodi was looking for a change. She rolled the dice and came on board – all in. But honestly, that's another bio. Since then they have consistently grown the business by carefully adding a highly curated assortment of essentials for the home and beyond. Everything circles back to the brand’s easy, casual style. Hedgehouse is about family, friends and long lunches. The products are extensions of their own lifestyles. Beata’s designs are simple, versatile, and built to last. At Hedgehouse we believe in comfort, impeccable design and a great zipper.