Grade A fabrics – Lawson Fenning

The LF Collection

designed and handmade in Los Angeles

Grade A fabrics
The LF Collection, designed and handmade in Los Angeles, California

Belgian Linen – Amber

Belgian Linen – Fog

Belgian Linen – Granite

Belgian Linen – Matcha

Belgian Linen – Sand

Brushed Linen Blend – Charcoal

Brushed Linen Blend – Driftwood

Brushed Linen Blend – Forest

Brushed Linen Blend – Pebble

Brushed Linen Blend – Sesame

LF Sample Kit

Tweed – Cashmere

Tweed – Flannel

Tweed – Graphite

Tweed – Oatmeal

Tweed – Tweed

Washable Linen Blend – Cardamom

Washable Linen Blend – Chamois

Washable Linen Blend – Charcoal

Washable Linen Blend – Indigo

Washable Linen Blend – Lead