Swatches – Lawson Fenning

The LF Collection

designed and handmade in Los Angeles

The LF Collection, designed and handmade in Los Angeles, California

Antiqued Brass

Black Powder Coat

Bomber Leather – Navy

Bomber Leather – Brown

Bomber Leather – Moss

Bomber Leather – Tan

Buffalo Leather – Taupe

Buffalo Leather – Black

Buffalo Leather – Charcoal

Buffalo Leather – Chocolate

Cotton Velvet – Clay

Cotton Velvet – Carbon

Cotton Velvet – Chamois

Cotton Velvet – Faroe

Cotton Velvet – Magnesium

Cotton Velvet – Navy

Dallas Leather – Black

Dallas Leather – Cognac

Dallas Leather – Natural

Dallas Leather – Tan

Dark Greywashed Oak

Dark Walnut

Ebonized Oak

LF Sample Kit

Light Greywashed Oak

Light Walnut

Natural Oak

Natural Walnut

Oiled Oak

Pigmented Oak – White Dove

Pigmented Oak – Burnt Russet

Pigmented Oak – Cheating Heart

Pigmented Oak – Chelsea Gray

Pigmented Oak – Duxbury Gray

Pigmented Oak – Hale Navy

Pigmented Oak – Monticello Rose

Pigmented Oak – Rocky Beach

Pigmented Oak – Salamander

Pigmented Oak – Spicy Mustard

Pigmented Oak – Summer Nights

Polished Brass

Polished Chrome

Satin Brass

Smoked Oak

Speckled Wool Blend – Natural

Speckled Wool Blend – Basalt

Speckled Wool Blend – Fjord

Speckled Wool Blend – Hessian

Speckled Wool Blend – Ink

Speckled Wool Blend – Walnut

Textured Linen – Sand

Textured Linen – Aluminum

Textured Linen – Gunmetal

Textured Linen – Moonshine

Textured Linen – Rich Earth

Textured Linen – Teal

Two Tone Weave – Granite

Two Tone Weave – Hemp

Two Tone Weave – Ink

Two Tone Weave – Lead

Two Tone Weave – Polar

Two Tone Weave – Serpentine

Vermont Leather – Beige

Vermont Leather – Gray

Vermont Leather – Honey

Vermont Leather – Olive

Washable Linen Cotton Blend – Cardamom

Washable Linen Cotton Blend – Chamois

Washable Linen Cotton Blend – Charcoal

Washable Linen Cotton Blend – Indigo

Washable Linen Cotton Blend – Lead

Washable Linen Cotton Blend – Porridge

White Washed Oak