Storage – Lawson Fenning
The LF Collection, designed and handmade in Los Angeles, California

2-Door Platform Cabinet

2-Drawer Arcadia Chest

Arcadia Side Table

2-Drawer Platform Chest

3-Door Bronson Cabinet

4-Door Bronson Cabinet

4-Drawer Arcadia Chest

Arcadia Cabinet

Balboa Cabinet

Ojai Cabinet

Diamond Bar

Griffin Console

Inverness Media Cabinet

Inverness Nightstand

Maker’s Book Rack

Maker’s Bookcase

Maker’s Console

Niguel Cabinet

Niguel Credenza

Niguel Dresser

Niguel Nightstand

Niguel Side Table

Platform Cabinet

Platform Chest

Stacked Box Chest

Stacked Box Nightstand

Stacked Box Nightstand with Brass Inset

Thin Frame Cabinet