All – Lawson Fenning
The LF Collection, designed and handmade in Los Angeles, California

Cruz Dining Chair – Outdoor

2-Door Platform Cabinet

Arcadia Side Table

2-Drawer Platform Chest

XL 6-Globe Chandelier

Brian Paquette for LF Rainier Dining Table

Bronson Coffee Table – Round

Bronson Side Table

Isherwood Headboard

Capitola Table

Sur Table

Cruz Barstool

Ojai Cabinet

Dillon Ottoman

Griffin Console

Huxley Side Table

Inverness Media Cabinet

Isherwood Sectional

Maker’s Bookcase

Maker’s Console

Maker’s Lounge Chair

Mesa Lounge Chair

Montrose Coffee Table – Round

Montrose Bench

Montrose Dining Chair

Montrose Ottoman

Moreno Barstool

Moreno Ottoman

Petite Moreno Ottoman

Morro Coffee Table

Morro Barstool

Niguel Console

Niguel Console – Large

Niguel Desk

Niguel Side Table

Normandie Cocktail Table

Normandie Cocktail Table without Brass Detail

Ojai Ottoman

Ojai Side Table

Palisades Console

Paul Floor Lamp

Pruckel Flush Mount

Radial Chandelier

Rialto Table – Wide

Rough Dining Table

Square Brass Bench

Square Narrow Side Table

Stacked Box Chest

Stacked Box Nightstand

Thin Frame Cabinet

Thin Frame Desk