Kitchen – Lawson Fenning
Handpicked by Lawson Fenning

Aquilia Lamp

Black Cake Stand

Cozumel Molcajete

Grey Cake Stand

Opihi Shell Bottle Opener

Shaka Bottle Opener

Turquoise Cake Stand

White Cake Stand

GVB Berry Washer

Paper Towel Holder

Whiskey Cup

White Mortar and Pestle

Marfa Measuring Cups

Erickson Measuring Cups

Brass Hand Wine Stopper

Brass Ring Wine Stopper

Wine Opener with Bamboo Case

Danny Kaplan Aquilia Lamp
Magnolia Ceramics Black Cake Stand
Ayres Cozumel Molcajete
Magnolia Ceramics Grey Cake Stand
Mau House Opihi Shell Bottle Opener
Mau House Shaka Bottle Opener
Magnolia Ceramics Turquoise Cake Stand
Magnolia Ceramics White Cake Stand
Natan Moss GVB Berry Washer
Magnolia Ceramics Paper Towel Holder
Jonathan Cross Whiskey Cup
Humble Ceramics White Mortar and Pestle
Natan Moss Marfa Measuring Cups
Natan Moss Erickson Measuring Cups
Carl Aubock Brass Hand Wine Stopper
Carl Aubock Brass Ring Wine Stopper
Carl Aubock Wine Opener with Bamboo Case