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Handpicked by Lawson Fenning

Handpicked by Lawson Fenning

We champion our artists, our makers, our circle of friends. In addition to artist collaborations, our partner shop is an online destination to offer one-of-a-kind creations by the hands of those who inspire us through function and form. Partner Shop is updated in real time with an ever-evolving smalls shop and a deep concentration in ceramics [to mirror our bricks-and-mortar flagships on Melrose and LF East]. These are the pieces we want to say hello to, daily.


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Vincent Pocsik. for Lawson Fenning

LF Collaborations

Nurturing relationships with emerging and established names in the decorative arts is a key part of the Lawson-Fenning mission. Periodically, we invite them to collaborate on one-of-a-kind works, then provide a platform to showcase their craft. Look for our second wave of Collabs in Clay tables with top ceramicists; stone-accented furniture with Seattle designer Brian Paquette; and wood and bronze objects with Vincent Pocsik among them.
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As a true California brand, it is critical to express how we live and design in L.A. Beyond the romance of landscape, the history, the art and architecture, the inspiration that moves and grounds us in creation is what it means to be made in L.A.

The design community of Los Angeles is a great source of joy for us. In creating the LF Collection, our 20-year relationships with the same families of fabricators, welders, and upholsterers, lighting fabricators and carpenters have grown into deep, interdependent bonds that only amplify our commitments to crafting with pride. This manner of heirloom quality bench-crafting assures that “made-to-order” really is a detailed, top level customization required by the trade using the best kiln-dried hardwood frames and local materials.For both professional designer and enthusiast, it is our distinct pleasure to act as a hub and resource of knowledge to deepen one’s understanding of L.A. vintage-modern and contemporary craft.
Carl Aubock
Magnolia Ceramics