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Natalie Kaelin


Natalie Kaelin Home Goods was founded in 2015 by designer, Natalie Kaelin, with the desire to create beautiful pieces for the home that highlight the handmade process of weaving. Inspired by the element of contrasting scale and texture, every pillow encases a pattern that will give life to any room.

From mood board, to the loom, to the sewing machine, each product is made by hand from start to finish in Natalie’s studio based in Louisville, KY.

Louisville, KY

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Natalie Kaelin Camel Striped Lumbar Pillow
Natalie Kaelin Diamond Lumbar Pillow
Natalie Kaelin Taupe Blend Pillow
Natalie Kaelin Black Fringed Lumbar Pillow
Natalie Kaelin Sage Striped Pillow
Natalie Kaelin Black & Cream Striped Pillow