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LGS Studio

Based in Portland, Oregon with a focus on ceramic design, LGS Studio’s collections include a range of tableware, home decor and objects. LGS Studio thoughtfully explores both form and function to create works that are timeless, modern and approachable.

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LGS Studio Studded Cup
LGS Studio Studded Serving Bowl - Deep
LGS Studio Studded Serving Bowl - Shallow
LGS Studio Studded Vase
LGS Studio Tephra Elevated Bowl
LGS Studio Tephra Serving Bowl
LGS Studio Tephra Bowl
LGS Studio Tephra Cup + Saucer
LGS Studio Tephra Incense Cellar
LGS Studio Tephra Hourglass Vase
LGS Studio Incense Holder
LGS Studio Ridge Coaster
LGS Studio Ridge Pinch Bowl
LGS Studio Ridge Pitcher
LGS Studio Tall Ridge Cup
LGS Studio Ridge Bowl
LGS Studio Ridge Carafe
LGS Studio Ridge Cup

LGS Studio is a contemporary ceramics company founded by Thomas Renaud & Noel Hennessy.

As a team, their practice is rooted in the principal of creating thoughtfully designed, bespoke collections within a range of tableware, home decor and sculptural objects. They use wheel-throwing and hand-building techniques to express their vision and draw inspiration from both natural and architectural design elements.