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Ferm Living


A sincere passion for design, craftsmanship and aesthetics was the essential element in the foundation of ferm LIVING back in 2006. From our base in Copenhagen, they have developed a distinctive and confident design during the years bringing life and beauty to your home.

We believe in always challenging ourselves with collections ranging from accessories over furniture to lighting. We create contemporary designs with a touch of mid-century charm in line with our Scandinavian design heritage.

It’s part of our DNA to take good care of the origin of our products, so we produce everything in line with the traditions of craftsmanship in honest materials and a keen eye for detail. By honest materials, we think of clean, real commodities with a minimal impact on the environment.

We design products for the small and candid moments in everyday life. Drawing on our unique design vocabulary, we have subtle designs for every corner of your life. And we love what we do

Small goods
Copenhagen, Denmark

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Ferm Living Velvet Ottoman
Ferm Living Mount Loop Cushion
Ferm Living Landscape Loop Cushion
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Ferm Living Brass Triangle Stand
Ferm Living Brass Tray
Ferm Living Brass Cup
Ferm Living Squares Kilim Cushion
Ferm Living Black Lines Kilim Cushion
Ferm Living Black Triangles Kilim Cushion