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Brian Paquette x LF

After years of collaborating on custom LF designs for his clients, interior designer Brian Paquette has joined forces with our design team to create a small collection of casegoods and upholstery.  Carefully curated, these pieces reflect the unique BP for LF aesthetic and are available in custom cerused finishes. We are proud to introduce this collection and are developing new pieces every season.


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  Brian Paquette for LF Aquidneck Nightstand
  Brian Paquette for LF Eppes Side Table
  Brian Paquette for LF George Bench
  Brian Paquette for LF George Chair
  Brian Paquette for LF George Sofa
  Brian Paquette for LF Mercer Coffee Table
  Brian Paquette for LF Rainier Dining Table
With a background in painting and conceptual art, Brian Paquette brings a singular point of view to the Seattle interior design scene. For Brian, interior design is not something sterile or static; it’s a living extension of art, meant to be touched, used and admired. Brian Paquette founded Brian Paquette Interiors in 2009. His Seattle interiors have been featured in Architectural Digest, Dwell, Luxe Magazine and more. He also regularly works in Los Angeles, New York City, British Columbia and beyond.