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B Zippy

BZIPPY & COMPANY is a design line by artist Bari Ziperstein, made by hand in Glassell Park, CA in North East Los Angeles. The collections are inspired by the rich ceramic history of Southern California.

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B Zippy LF x BZippy Collabs in Clay Side Table
B Zippy Bowl Bottom Cinnamon Vase
B Zippy Short Cinnamon Robot Vase
B Zippy Short Teal Robot Vase
B Zippy Tall Saucer Vicki Teal Vase
B Zippy Wide Sauce Vicki Cinnamon Vase
B Zippy Wide Saucer Vicki Teal Vase
B Zippy Robot Cinnamon Vase
B Zippy Robot Teal Vase
B Zippy LARGE Diamond Vicki Teal Vase
B Zippy JUMBO Diamond Vicki Teal Vase
B Zippy Planter

B Zippy & Co’s influences include the Funk Movement and Joe Soldate, Ziperstein’s antique collecting roots of Chicago, Finnish patterns, California weather, and Joshua Tree National Park. The ceramic jewelry line consists of bits and parts of Ziperstein’s totemic sculptures, reformed into breast plates, beads and pendants.

Born in Chicago, she attended Cal Arts (2004) for her MFA and attended Ohio University (2000) graduating with a BFA in Painting and a Women’s Studies Certificate. She lives and works in Los Angeles with her husband a home brewer/aerospace engineer and their new baby boy Lawrence.