De JONG & Co.

Merton Bench


The Merton Bench is a massively robust yet gracefully balanced seat that completes any room. Echoing the lines of a Shaker bench in minimalism and cleanliness, the Merton Bench, like its namesake, holds a decidedly simple and refined presence.

Angled legs and supports provide poise and stability. The two and a quarter inch thick top is a strong, easily self-supportive platform showing no flex regardless of the payload. As sturdy as a timber-frame truss or ship beam carefully milled and assembled by skilled craftsmen.

Product Details

De JONG & Co. is the passion of five siblings working in the arts. They design with color and space. They capture light and moments. They create sound experience. They combine flavors. They strive to live and work at the intersection of art and function.

De JONG & Co. operates in the space where objects are simple and beautiful. Where the things around us add to our community. Where life welcomes art with neither sacrifice nor compromise.

There is a certain personality to style that lasts; friendly, comfortable, known. The goods we own, the goods that make our life function, should be measured against a simple utility and an understandable beauty, seeking a harmony of both that leads to timelessness.

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