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Maker Lighting

Made to order lighting from our makers.
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Arc Well Sconce 22"Arc Well Sconce 22"
Allied Maker
Arc Well Sconce 22" Sale price$3,700.00
Archipelago SurfaceArchipelago Surface
Allied Maker
Archipelago Surface Sale price$4,000.00
Apulia 5" Flush MountApulia 5" Flush Mount
Allied Maker
Apulia 5" Flush Mount Sale price$1,400.00
Arc Well Pendant 14"Arc Well Pendant 14"
Allied Maker
Arc Well Pendant 14" Sale price$2,800.00
Aperture DoubleAperture Double
Allied Maker
Aperture Double Sale price$4,700.00
Atelier Pendant 14"Atelier Pendant 14"
Allied Maker
Atelier Pendant 14" Sale price$3,900.00
Beacon 36" Half Round SconceBeacon 36" Half Round Sconce
Atelier 20" PendantAtelier 20" Pendant
Allied Maker
Atelier 20" Pendant Sale price$7,900.00
Beacon 30" SconceBeacon 30" Sconce
Allied Maker
Beacon 30" Sconce Sale price$5,700.00
Brass T2Brass T2
Allied Maker
Brass T2 Sale price$1,700.00
Aria 12" PendantAria 12" Pendant
Allied Maker
Aria 12" Pendant Sale price$3,850.00
Cathedral Sconce 12"Cathedral Sconce 12"
Allied Maker
Cathedral Sconce 12" Sale price$4,000.00
Cathedral 26" SconceCathedral 26" Sconce
Allied Maker
Cathedral 26" Sconce Sale price$4,700.00
Brass T2 SconceBrass T2 Sconce
Allied Maker
Brass T2 Sconce Sale price$1,700.00
Concentric 15"Concentric 15"
Allied Maker
Concentric 15" Sale price$1,900.00
Bright Side 4Bright Side 4
Allied Maker
Bright Side 4 Sale price$7,000.00
Court II 13"Court II 13"
Allied Maker
Court II 13" Sale price$1,600.00
Court II 22"Court II 22"
Allied Maker
Court II 22" Sale price$2,200.00
Crane Wall LampCrane Wall Lamp
Allied Maker
Crane Wall Lamp Sale price$5,600.00
Dual Crux SconceDual Crux Sconce
Allied Maker
Dual Crux Sconce Sale price$3,700.00
Endless DomeEndless Dome
Allied Maker
Endless Dome Sale price$1,200.00
Escalante 5Escalante 5
Allied Maker
Escalante 5 Sale price$19,300.00
Glass Flush Half Dome 14"Glass Flush Half Dome 14"
Glass Flush Half Dome 20"Glass Flush Half Dome 20"
Grand Aperture 4Grand Aperture 4
Allied Maker
Grand Aperture 4 Sale price$27,200.00
Mquan Half-Circle 12.5"Mquan Half-Circle 12.5"
Hemisphere 7.5"Hemisphere 7.5"
Allied Maker
Hemisphere 7.5" Sale price$950.00
Mini Orb 3-10Mini Orb 3-10
Allied Maker
Mini Orb 3-10 Sale price$800.00
Mquan Circle 13.5"Mquan Circle 13.5"
Allied Maker
Mquan Circle 13.5" Sale price$2,950.00
Orb SconceOrb Sconce
Allied Maker
Orb Sconce Sale price$800.00
Pinnacle SconcePinnacle Sconce
Allied Maker
Pinnacle Sconce Sale price$1,300.00
Allied Maker
Pivot Sale price$2,500.00
Poise Pendant 16"Poise Pendant 16"
Allied Maker
Poise Pendant 16" Sale price$5,100.00
Poise Pendant 11"Poise Pendant 11"
Allied Maker
Poise Pendant 11" Sale price$2,800.00
Prism Pendant 59"Prism Pendant 59"
Allied Maker
Prism Pendant 59" Sale price$9,800.00
Rein 20"Rein 20"
Allied Maker
Rein 20" Sale price$4,500.00
Trimless Mini Orb 3"Trimless Mini Orb 3"
Rein 12"Rein 12"
Allied Maker
Rein 12" Sale price$3,400.00
Tri ConeTri Cone
Allied Maker
Tri Cone Sale price$2,400.00
Voyager Orb PendantVoyager Orb Pendant
Allied Maker
Voyager Orb Pendant Sale price$2,900.00
Voyager 11" Orb SconceVoyager 11" Orb Sconce
Voyager II 15"Voyager II 15"
Allied Maker
Voyager II 15" Sale price$1,800.00
Well 3 ChandelierWell 3 Chandelier
Allied Maker
Well 3 Chandelier Sale price$7,900.00
Well Pendant 14"Well Pendant 14"
Allied Maker
Well Pendant 14" Sale price$2,000.00
Well 5 ChandelierWell 5 Chandelier
Allied Maker
Well 5 Chandelier Sale price$14,200.00
Domino Lamp BedsideDomino Lamp Bedside
Arum Floor LampArum Floor Lamp
Ferm Living
Arum Floor Lamp Sale price$959.00
Arum Table LampArum Table Lamp
Ferm Living
Arum Table Lamp Sale price$579.00