Jonn Coolidge

Jonn Coolidge is an established still life and interior photographer, working with such notable clients as Tom Ford, Neiman Marcus, Kelly Wearstler and B&B Italia. His work has been seen in publications such as Elle Decor, House Beautiful and Architectural Digest Europe.

His exposure to important 20th century design fueled a passion to more deeply explore a keen interest into ceramics, most notably the work of French Ceramicists of the 1950s such as George Jouve, Jacques and Dani Ruelland, Andre Borderie and Valentine Schlegel.

Hence his journey into his own ceramics began.

Coolidge’s cylinders, bottles, chalices and organic shapes are all unique. They hold a tranquility that leans past functionality into form and objectivity, inviting the self to touch, feel and relate to the piece personally and always individually.

His simple, beautiful and uncomplicated pieces are collected worldwide.

Coolidge lives and works in Downtown LA.